Pray for Dr. Baird! 

Meet Dr. Baird, our amazing surgeon!!!! He is the man responsible for helping Mila’s heart function improve! We fully trust him and know he puts a great amount of thought into any decision that is made involving Mila’s care. 
We want to pray specifically for Dr Baird today. He is the man making the final decisions about when/if to do the Norwood surgery. He has a lot of opinions he has to weigh and of course we want his final decision to be the one that is best for our Mila! 

Prayer for wisdom, clarity and peace for Dr Baird as he comes to his final decision. Pray for the exact timing the Norwood should be performed and that he would feel confident in whatever path he decides is best. 

Right now there are options to leave the chest open and do surgery in the next couple of days or to possibly close the chest and do surgery early next week. 

We will do another echo on Thursday- if function has improved he could get Mila on his schedule for Thursday. If function has not improved he might close her chest and give her a little more time. 
At this point we do feel Mila can undergo the Norwood surgery (this is good!) now it is just a matter of timing and in this scenario, timing is everything. 

Thank you for joining us in prayer!! Mila can’t say enough how much she loves her prayer warriors!! 

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